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I am continuing my father's passion after his passing on June 11th, 2015. A year before that, he gave me my first telescope as a Christmas present, and after his death, I was given his camera. I chose to pair the two hobbies in life that we loved most, for me, it was astronomy, and for him, it was photography.
What I never expected to happen however, was my love for capturing parts of the universe with his camera and my telescope, and that sharing those images with people brought me so much joy. For me, it has been a form of closure, as I feel closer to my father than ever before, and combining the two hobbies has been the most effective therapy a son could ask for.
So please, peruse the site, enjoy the content, and stop back as often as you like, since I will be adding images of the universe often.


Clark Brizendine

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